Agent Training

Agent Training


The Training Series developed to Accelerate Realtors® Success

Are You a Full Time Professional REALTOR® Ready to Earn the Living You Deserve?

Ready to Take it to the Next Level? Starting out or Need Help getting over the hump?

Question: What do you get when you combine Many of America's Top Real Estate Training Programs?

Answer:   The AGENT ACCELERATION PROGRAM : Results Focused Training 

We have enrolled, invested the finances, the travel time across America & devoted countless hours in courses learning, implementing and training the systems.  

Finally combining the Best Practices learned into this Complete Program.

LAUNCH Your Career to the Next Level

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What will we Learn?           

Who Teaches and Coaches?          

What will it Cost?


Karleton Helfer has taught 1000's of REALTORS® in large group settings and hundreds one-on-one how to market and sell Real Estate. 

As a Top Performer, Leader & Trainer, Karleton has the experience, systems and tools to help you Succeed.

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Our Objectives are Precisely Aligned with Your Success.
We Only Get Paid When You Get Paid!


 The Agent Acceleration Program is a Launch Program to Help Guide New or Seasoned Real Estate Agents from Here to Success over 10 Completed Sales Transactions


What do we Teach, Create & Do for You?

- Professional & Personal GOALS
- Business Plan
- Teach World Class Marketing and Sales Techniques
- Assign Tasks that Need to Be Completed
- Create Plan to Help Your Clients Buy and Sell Real Estate
- Listing Presentation
- Buyers Presentation

- Discuss Sales & Marketing

- Learn what the Best Do

- Coaching & Mentoring

- Education & Motivation

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Agent Acceleration Program - Training Developed to Accelerate Professional Real Estate Agents from now to Success

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